The Global RF/Microwave Semiconductors Industry

The Global RF/Microwave Semiconductors Industry

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This report provides an in-depth update of the 67 identified players operating in the RF/microwave semiconductors space.

The various players have their headquarters and main operations located variously worldwide although the majority are in the USA. Principal players include: Analog Devices, Avago Technologies, Cree Semiconductor, Custom MMIC, Global Foundries, Infineon Technologies, MACOM, Microsemi, Peregrine Semiconductor, Qorvo, Skyworks Solutions, Sumitomo and WIN Semiconductors. These players serve major portions of the total markets – with Global and WIN operating as foundries.

Territorially data are presented applicable to the following regions: Europe (mainly the EU), North America (mainly the USA) – and the “Rest of the World” (RoW, meaning the “free” world but including China on the MMIC manufacturing side). Eight companies offer discrete RF transistors as well as MMICs.

Around two-thirds of all the players are headquartered in the USA.

Total global annual sales revenues range upwards to several $BN by year 2020. Within this report countries such as North Korea, Russia and “anti-Western” countries in the Middle East are excluded.

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